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Folding Picnic Table Bench. Best Fold up / Foldable Picnic Table Reviews

Why I love a folding picnic table?!! While I spend most of my time glued to the couch, the charm of summer sometimes manages to woo me outdoors.  Writing this set of reviews brought a smile to my face. For all of my life, we have had the same old black picnic table. Depending on the occasion, we drag it from place to place across all five acres. At night, we sometimes drag it to the clear spot on our hill to ponder the wonders of astronomy.

During our 4th of July celebrations, which usually include vegan marshmallows, we cram people on it to the point of creaking. With the toss of a crisp white tablecloth from the dollar store, the rickety antique became a party’s central piece. Just this summer we slapped a new coat of paint on it and tightened the bolt. At this point, this ugly old table should outlast some of our willow trees. I will miss it when it’s been put out of its misery. I know I am not alone in my attachment to outdoor furniture.

Invented in the same era as postage stamps and concrete, picnic tables have become a staple of outdoor living. It’s no surprise, with nearly a century to perfect its design, that my creaking black beauty lasted so long. Also known as a picnic bench, the timeless design features a tabletop with built-in bench seating on either side. Seating capacity varies depending on the length of the tabletop, the width of the seat, and the thickness of the supporting boards. Ours for example, though it bows when loaded, can comfortably seat a family of eight; we can squeeze ten in if hold our breath and pray.

Best Foldable Picnic Table | Folding Picnic Table Bench Reviews

While we have no idea what type of wood ours is made of, most picnic tables are built from stout cedar or oak. To be honest, while I love the big hulking think, at over two hundred pounds it’s not exactly a featherweight. Dancing it around the thing with the lawnmower is back-breaking work. When my back starts screaming at the black beauty, I picture a table that’s easier to pick up, move, and lift. That’s why I became interested in a new design: the folding picnic table. We will be reviewing five different tables in this category. When it comes to picnic tables, it’s best to have one that folds easily under pressure.

Picnic Table Criteria

While this is not a scientific study, involving a countless array of sample selection criteria, some thought went into the five products below. I picked nothing I found overly garish or unable to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Obviously, all of these tables happen to have the ability to fold for easy storage, transform into other items, or shrink to accommodate smaller spaces.  In addition to the aforementioned, all also have the following in common:  average Amazon reviews of at least three stars, at least five Amazon reviews, a weight under one-hundred pounds, prices under 300 dollars, and the ability to hold at least four adults.  So, regardless of which table you choose, you will have an intact wallet, a pain-free back, and enough opinions to fold your own judgment.

Please be aware that these tables are listed in no particular order. You should not take the order as representative of my overall thoughts, rank, or preferences.

Easy DIY Kid-Sized Picnic Table!

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My husband built this while I was grocery shopping one Saturday morning not too long ago.  We eat most meals on our deck now anytime it’s not raining…it’s awesome!  This table is perfect for up to 6 kids ages 3 to 10.  Here is before and after the paint job…

The plans came from Ana White’s website right here:


Or you can also buy a kid-sized picnic table at here!

I realize this post is for woodworkers, but if you are not afraid of wielding a power saw, this project is a cinch.  According to my handy husband, this is…

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