About Us

The Details:  We are stay-at-home mommies, and we love our jobs.  We each have four children, within 5 years of each other.  We are not experts at multitasking, but we are gaining experience as we go.  We try not to cry over spilled milk or smeared peanut butter.  We try to encourage and challenge our kids to create and explore.  We know a few nutritious meals our kids will eat.  We have a few ideas for minimizing the mess and effort but maximizing the fun.  Lindsey has a background in studio art, art education, worked in group travel, taught swimming lessons, and is now a certified personal trainer.  Sarah has a background in elementary education, music, and a bit of grad work in literacy education with experience as an elementary teacher and piano teacher.  Our desire is to encourage other parents to enjoy time with their kids.  Through our own journeys so far, we have come up with a few ideas for making a home kid-friendly.  We hope you can use some of them too.  

What I love about Lindsey (by Sarah):  Every time I go to her house, I think to myself, it must be INCREDIBLY FUN to be one of her kids! I have seen caterpillars morphing into butterflies in net cages hanging from the chandelier over the family dining table at Lindsey’s house.  In her basement easels are easily accessible, and she lets her kids draw pictures with colored chalk on the walls.  I have seen small paint-footprints along the carpet leading to the bathroom after an art project.  And she shrugs and laughs.  (Lindsey here: I would like to add that the basement is going to be remodeled some day…otherwise, this wouldn’t be allowed!)  But actually she has her own zoning system to keep organized.  She even taped picture labels to all her children’s dressers so they can always find what they need to wear.  She makes amazing food–and my kids think so too.  Lindsey is a loving, laid-back, patient, and acutely attentive mom who adores each of her children.  Her creativity has no end, and I am so privileged to know her and learn from her. 

What I love about Sarah (by Lindsey):  Each person who is in contact with Sarah, will be filled with a warm heart, warm soul, and warm tummy!  She once said in her Christmas card, that her goal is to keep her husband and kids’ love tanks and tummy tanks full.  I feel such joy and encouragement when I am with her.  She inspires me and other moms by her calm, nurturing, positive demeanor.  When you enter her home, you will be greeted with a warm hug, encouraging conversation, and the smell of something delicious to eat…she and her husband could win awards with the things they garden and bake!  The children who enter this home enjoy every second because it is set up for play, music, learning and adventures.  This mommy is filled with love for her family, filled with creative tips and techniques for raising four children, and filled with fun.  It is an honor to call her my friend and now, blogging buddy!

Our Mission: We began this site because we enjoy sharing ideas with each other and with other friends who also are on this amazing journey of parenting.  We are in it for the fun of it and for the encouragement of other parents.  We have allowed Google to place ads on our site, which gives us a penny or two each time a viewer clicks on an ad.  We also have an amazon search bar which means if you search for an item through our site and purchase it, we get a small percentage of your total.  Whatever pennies we make will help our kids go to college.  We have no agreements with any companies or advertisers to promote their products.  Our opinions are authentic.  We only ever recommend a children’s book or a kid-friendly product because we like reading it or using it with our kids, and we want to tell you about it.  Our mission is to inspire you with ideas to help make your home more kid-friendly too!