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Best Outdoor Cat House Reviews. Making the Right Choice for Your Cat, and You

Why do you need an outdoor cat house? Any cat lover will tell you that felines are amazing pets.  And, I know that my cats have been some of my dearest friends over the years.  Some people say that they are not as loyal or as friendly as dogs.  But, I would beg to differ. Cats are wonderful friends and companions with a huge capacity for love and affection.

But, they can also cause problems inside of your home.  Their litter may cause unpleasant smells, they may claw at the furniture or climb on the bookcases and knock things over. Cats are sometimes messy and can be prone to throw up or spit up hair balls.

The bottom line is that though cats are wonderful pets, it can be a bit of a pain to keep them indoors with you at all times. Let’s just say that they aren’t the best roommates.  But, any good pet owner knows that animals need shelter and comfort. This sometimes leads us to feel that we can’t leave our pets outdoors for very long.  But, they are animals and they do enjoy outdoor play.  There is nothing wrong at all with giving them their own space outdoors in which they can play, rest and grow.  A compromise must be found in order for everyone to be happy and safe, but you shouldn’t have to live in a stinky house or clean up cat vomit 5 times a day.

Best Outdoor Cat House. Outdoor Cat Shelter Reviews

Does this make it sound like I hate cats?  Well, I most certainly do not.  I adore cats and I love having them as pets.  They are some of my very favorite animals in the world.  I am just honest and forthright about some of the pitfalls of living with them.

When the time came for me to move them out of the house, I worried that they wouldn’t feel safe or that they wouldn’t be able to find shelter if they needed it.  I have always loved having cats but needed to find a solution that would allow me to let them in and out of the house without worry.  I wanted them to have a safe place to get warm, cool off, take or just hide out.  It was important to me that they had their own little home so that they didn’t feel abandoned and banished to the yard like secondary citizens.

Indoor cat houses, as far as I am concerned are a waste of money as cats can just as easily go curl up in the recliner or bury himself in the couch pillows.  They are also unattractive, bulky and take up a ton of room. I have had a few but never found them very useful.  So, when I decided to start looking around for outdoor houses I wasn’t sure that I wanted one.  I was worried it would be as useless as the indoor cat houses that I have spent hundreds of dollars on over the years.

I knew that outdoor dog houses were pretty common but I wasn’t sure about what was out there for cats.  So, I researched and found an outdoor cat shelter that suited our family, and our needs.  I was still unsure about the idea because I had never had one before but I was excited to see how this new adventure went for my kitties.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much they loved, and still love, their house.

Now, I want to share all of the knowledge that I gained during my research to help you make the very best choice for your furry friend!

I will begin by giving you a quick rundown of 5 of the best outdoor cat houses out there to purchase.  I will outline their pros and cons and give you the information that you need to feel like you are an informed consumer.

PS: If you’re bunny lover, you might also love to see the best cheap indoor & outdoor rabbit hutch.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Another classic craft from long ago…this one is great for kids of all ages.  My daughter has fond memories of doing this with her Grandma Cathy years ago.  Enjoy and hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the birds enjoying the treat! (By the way, if you are rising a pet, you might also want o check my outdoor cat house and shelter reviews and cheap rabbit hutch for indoor & outdoor reviews!)

  • Pinecone
  • Peanut Butter
  • Kid knife or spoons
  • Plates
  • Bird Seed 
  • String

I recommend attaching the string to the pinecone before anything else.  Then give each child a plate, kid knife or spoon, and dollop of peanut butter.  Spread the sticky stuff all over the pinecone.  Once it looks covered well, pour some bird seed onto the plate and have them roll the pinecone in the seed.  Find a place to hang them – nearby a window so they can watch as birds fly up to enjoy it!  

Tales of A Squirrel

It happened again. Twice now, I have been faced with a visit with a squirrel in my kitchen. Cute, harmless, furry little squirrels bring no fear out of me when I see them in their home, which is outside. However, on two separate occasions now, I have been frozen with fear at the sight of them in my home! The first encounter was last summer during nap time. I decided to mop the floors before enjoying some quiet time. In order to help the floors dry faster, I opened the deck door off of the kitchen. In most homes, there would be a screen to simply separate one’s home from the great outdoors…well, our screen has been broken for quite some time now and we are waiting to get a new one when we get a whole new door put in. It’s also noteworthy that our house is located in a somewhat “woodsy” area with lots and lots of squirrels, wild turkeys, woodchucks, deer and mosquitos to boot! I am guessing you know what is coming next: I forgot to shut the deck door (as in 2 hours later) and when I was reading in the living room, I heard little noises in the kitchen. “Oh, hello, Grace or Peter, are you awake?” I calmly walked to the kitchen expecting to see a sweet, groggy little child ready for a post-nap snack. Nope. Instead I lock eyes with a squirrel! We both stared each other down, frozen in fear. I am not sure what kind of noises came out of my mouth because I was totally caught off guard and frantically looked for something to shoo the creature out, but I know I screeched or shrieked and yipped or yowled! First I grabbed a loaf a bread, no joke. I tossed it in the squirrel’s direction (not AT it, just tried to put something between me and the little THING.) It just jumped and I squealed. But hey, at least there’s a loaf of bread between us now, right? Well, next I waved my arms crazily for a few seconds as I looked for some sort of tool – the closest thing to a broom at that time was a spatula. I waved that spatula around until the furry friend found the opening to the deck again and we both breathed a gigantic sign of relief (well, not until I had a good laugh at myself and called my husband to explain the tale).

Help The Birds

My daughter is all about helping animals…in any way. So, when she suggested building nests for the birds, I adapted her idea a bit and suggested we gather supplies to help them build their own nests. AND, we revisited the topic of recycling, which is always important.

  • net bag leftover from onions or oranges
  • collected items such as small twigs, long grass, twine, string, my mother-in-law even suggested dryer lint!
Talk about birds and how they enjoy building safe homes for their families. Read a bit from a nature book or online. Discuss recycling to help our earth and show them how we can reuse items such as these net bags. Spend a good amount of time outside looking for items to put inside the bag, leave an opening for the birds. Hang from a tree away from high-traffic areas so the birds don’t feel scared away! (if you are rising a pet, let’s check the outdoor cat shelter reviews, or outdoor & indoor rabbit hutch! The hutch can be used for rabbit, cat, dove or chicken.)

Easter Egg Nest

My kids really enjoyed making nests for their hard boiled eggs this year. This is a simple craft that encourages some outside time and makes easy Easter decorations!

Age: 2 and up, (adult help if using hot glue)

  • Brown paper bag (the small lunch sized ones work best)
  • Collected sticks from your yard or a nature walk
  • Glue (we found a hot glue gun to work best…which means Mommy did the gluing)
  • Hard boiled and dyed eggs OR plastic eggs

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Best Outdoor Cat House Reviews. Making the Right Choice for Your Cat, and You

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