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Best Outdoor Cat Enclosure & Outdoor Cat Run Reviews

Do you love cats?  I do!  I have one outdoor kitty that I adore, but if my husband let me I would fill the house with them.  Do I sound like a crazy cat lady?  Well, I am.  I love everything about them from the way that they look, to the way that they purr. I love their tails, their pointy ears and the gorgeous markings that many have.  Their curious personalities and independent spunk make them simply irresistible to me.

You are probably thinking that a woman like this should not have married a man who would limit her to owning only one cat. However, my husband is not just being mean and denying me something that I love.  He actually feels quite badly about it.  But, he cannot change the fact that he is allergic.  And, therefore, cats cannot live in our home.  Ever.  Because of this, I have become an outdoor cat enclosure expert.

When we got married I knew that I would never be able to have indoor cats as I always had in the past.  At the time, I had two beautiful tabbies.  They had been indoor/outdoor but when my husband and I moved in together, they had to make their homes outside, for good.  That was hard for me because I did not want them to feel neglected and I worried about their safety and health.

Like any good cat lady, I had to find a solution that would suit everyone’s needs and keep everyone feeling loved, valued and safe.  That is when I started to look into outdoor cathouses.  I bought one for my two tabbies to share and, over time, they made it into their very own cozy home.  I felt wonderful about supplying them an outdoor cat run area for exercise, play, sleep, eating and just plain living.

Best Outdoor Cat Enclosure & Outdoor Cat Run Reviews

It didn’t take long for me to see that they thoroughly enjoyed living outside full-time. They had space to roam and enjoyed chasing birds and sunbathing on pretty days.  When the weather was cold, I always made sure that they had extra blankets and pillows in their house and they would cuddle up against one another in their little cottage like a couple of hibernating bear cubs.

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