Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I know there are already TONS of ideas out there for chalkboard paint and your creativity can really run wild with this awesome stuff!  But, I thought I would share just a few simple ways my family has used it.  Your local home improvement store should carry it, along with other colored versions too!  I have purchased “raspberry” and “original black” and have loved both of them.

Idea Number One:

Chalkboard wall in the boys room

Paint an entire wall or half wall for the kids to draw on.  We simply purchased some wood trim, primed and painted it, nailed it in place and painted the area below it with chalkboard paint.  The project only took a few hours!

Idea Number Two:

Chalkboard paint over a mirror-shelf in the girls room

I had a cute shelf that had a mirror on it but the mirror had one crack in it.  So, I painted it with pink chalkboard paint and turned it into a place for the girls to draw or write notes.

Chalkboard on closet doors in the workout room

Idea Number Three:
Tape off an area (frame) and paint the inside for a space to write notes, activities, or in this case, workouts in my workout room!

Chalkboard Art Display Board

Idea Number Four:
Paint a board with clips attached, for an art display board that they can write on.  For more ideas on making your own art display boards, check out this post

Idea Number Five:
This was for a shower I threw for a friend of mine…we painted cardboard on the inside of frames to label the foods we had at the shower.

Chalkboard frames add a fun touch as labels

Easy Plans for DIY Kid-Sized Picnic Table

My husband built this while I was grocery shopping one Saturday morning not too long ago.  We eat most meals on our deck now anytime it’s not raining…it’s awesome!  He got his plans off Ana White’s website right here:
I realize this post is for woodworkers, but if you are so inclined to wield a power saw, this project is a cinch.


2 – 2×6 boards, 8′ Long
6 – 2×4 boards, 8′ Long
2 1/2” screws or bolts (bolts should be at least 3” long and will require washers and nuts)
2 1/2” pocket hole screws
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
Kreg Jig
What to do:
  1. Make your cuts and follow the diagrams according to Ana White (see link above).  
  2. Serve up breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the table.  
  3. Hose down the stickies.  
  4. Party on.

>> Also check reviews on best picnic tables at here!

Personal Space for Kids: Cubbies

This is a simple idea, but it’s helped our family out a lot.  We all know kids find or make all kinds of stuff that they REALLY want to hold onto.  Like their own artwork…or rocks…or jewelry…or lego creations…or books…or snakes…or bugs…ha! The list goes on.  For me it became an issue of where to let them store these countless and bulky treasures without the others misplacing them.   Here is our solution: personal cubbies.

 This is the expedite shelf from Ikea.  It works well for our family because we have one cubby for each kid.  And I like the baskets because they hide the clutter.  We have enough clutter already…let’s hide whatever we can!  But really kids just need a specific place to call their own for whatever they deem worthy of saving.  It could be a dresser drawer, a plastic tupper, an under-bed storage unit.  Now when my kids bring treasures to show me, I say, “Nice! Now go put that in your cubbie!”  And they are always quite happy to put their stuff away.  It’s a win-win.  Make sure everyone has a little personal space!

Clothespin Art Display Board

Displaying kids’ work is a great way to encourage them to be proud of their creations.  We always have art projects and other important items (like a preschool diploma) to display, but we run out of fridge space and magnets pretty quickly.  I’ve been trying to find a kid-friendly solution for this problem for a while.  I thought about a bulletin board, but we don’t want to deal with tacs.  I priced magnetic white boards, but that would have been $200 for 4 big ones.  Plus the magnets would get lost and scattered.  Then I saw big wooden clothespins in the dollar section at Target and had this idea for a fun and cheaper solution.  I plan to make more of these in my kids’ rooms too.

What you need:
clothespins (smaller size will work fine)
glossy acrylic paint
wide flat stiffer bristle brush
long painted board, cut to fit your space
extra long drywall screws
1” screws
power drill

     How it’s done:

  1. First I disassembled the clothespins by carefully pulling off the metal spring part.  I then painted the clothespins halves with glossy acrylic paint using a wide flat stiffer bristle brush.  I used the color coding method so each of my kids knows where to hang his or her work.   
  2. Next I got my handy husband to contribute a board scrap from his collection in the garage.  Fortunately, this one was already painted.  After we decided the right height that would allow our kids to hang their art themselves, he drilled pilot holes in the board about 12” apart.  Then he screwed the board to the wall with the extra long drywall screws. (My husband has serious skills with the power drill, so I leave that part to him.)
  3. Next he screwed the disassembled clothespin halves into the board with 1” screws, covering the long drywall screw head already placed in the board.
  4. After I reassembled the clothespins with the metal springs and other wooden halves on the board, the kids proudly hung up their recent artwork.

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