Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100. Accent Chairs Under 200 Dollars Reviews

Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 & 200 dollars | One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s never been more true than when I pulled an antique chair out of a convalescent home’s junk pile. The heap of discarded furniture, soiled sheets, and broken door frames looked like a home supply store’s graveyard; I could practically hear the vultures of bargain shopping circling above my head. Sitting atop of the mountain of trash, as regal as a king’s throne, was what remained of a ten-piece dining set: a single Victorian chair. Tiny copper spires topped a throne-like back leather pad and served to highlight the elegant shape of each lion’s foot tipped leg. A plush worn cushion protected errant bums from the sanded splinters below.

Best Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100. Accent Chairs Under $200 Reviews

Being only ten at the time, and unexperienced in antiques, the chair was unlike anything I had seen before. It was elegant. It was old. It was going to be all mine. Working with my mother, a nurse’s aide at the home, we managed to squeeze the orphaned chair into the back seat of our Geo Metro. All the hard work paid off.  I spent many nights in that chair with a dog-eared paperback in my lap and a cat curled up beside me. Inside the confines of that chair, no matter how humble our home, I felt like a queen. Or, at the very least, a countess. While the chair has moved on to greener pastures, our local thrift store, I remember it fondly. That brings my story to a close and me to the topic of this article: chairs.

Accent chairs can be used to lend a pop of color or a sense of personal style to any room.  Gamers can toss one in their bedroom for enhanced playtime. A bibliophile might buy a big comfy armchair that will let them lose him or herself in both comfort and literature for hours on end. A new mother could find the perfect rocker to complement her infant’s nursery. A search of ‘accent chair’ on Amazon returns well over 14.5 thousand results. These products range in price from an eye-popping 1,045 dollars down to a measly twelve bucks. With a limitless array of colors, styles, and patterns, anyone can find the perfect accent chair for their home and their budget.  We will take a brief look at six different chairs sold through the Amazon marketplace. The first three will be cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars. The second batch of three will be a slightly more expensive set of accent chairs under 200 dollars.

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Accent Chairs Criteria

We did not select these chairs via cloudy crystal ball and washed-up fortune teller. We put some thought into our selections. We scoured Amazon to bring you six items that met our criteria on the following: review rating, number of reviews, price, and color options. First off, every accent chair on this list comes with at least a 3.5-star rating; this ensures that most customers who purchased it were moderately happy with their selection. We would not want to recommend a chair that over half its owners despised. To ensure those reviews reflected a wide variety of opinions, we only selected products with at least 20 reviews.  This means that one or two bad reviews will not spoil the barrel. As may be obvious from the category titles, we only chose chairs individually priced below either 100 or 200 dollars. Lastly, to ensure a bit of variety for our readers, every single item on this list provides at least two distinct color options. Some provide up to eight.

If you find none of these selections fit your taste, and need to know how to pick your own stylish accent chair, just scroll down to our concluding section. We will outline some key characteristics involved in selecting the chair that best fits your lifestyle, your tastes, and your budget.

Three Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars

1. Home Life Contemporary Microfiber Modern Sofa Arm Chairs

The first of our cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars is brought to you by established furniture wholesaler LIFE Home. Unlike many items on this list, this item comes in a set of two; this means that each chair comes in at an individual price of just over 72 dollars.  Customers can choose a microfiber chair in slate gray or dark coffee brown. Elegant and simply carved espresso legs hold up an armless chair with a wide back, suede-like fabric, and heavily stuffed cushion. The item ships needing no assembly other than attaching its legs to a stout frame. Out of 129 reviews, these chairs earned an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Home Life Contemporary Microfiber Modern Sofa Arm Chairs - Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars

The general reaction to these chairs is positive. Sixty-six percent of customers rated these chairs a perfect five stars. Those who fell in love with them, praised these chairs for their prompt shipping, modern styling, compact footprint, and classy exteriors. However, not everyone ended up happy with their Life HOME purchase. Six percent of purchasers gave this item a rating under two stars; many of these dissatisfied customers cited the same issue: lackluster packaging. Shattered legs, chipped paint, and torn fabric typically resulted from boxes that arrived wet, poorly taped, or crushed. If you need a set of classic chairs for a library, this item might fit your needs.



2. Roundhill Furniture Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair

Established in 2001, Roundhill Furniture specializes in designing trend-setting and economical pieces of furniture for every room in your house. This piece fits perfectly with the rest of their brand. This oversized leather chair offers a touch of comfort to your bedroom, your study, or your dining room. Amazon currently sells this chair for just 89.99. This chair comes in four colors: black, dark gray, ivory, and red. This item ships with the instructions needed for its hassle-free assembly. Out of the 162 customer reviews posted, this chair ended up with an average score of 4.5 stars.

Roundhill Furniture Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair - Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars

With the second highest average review on this list, this Roundhill piece garners highly favorable customer reactions; ninety-three percent of consumers gave this chair a rating above four stars. Customers commonly praised this piece for its low price, overall sturdiness, modern look, wide seat, and easy assembly. For the five percent of consumers who rated this accent chair poorly, common complaints included the following: off-center screw holes, cracking and splitting during assembly, legs of differing lengths, and a poor-quality finish. If you use caution when attaching the legs, and avoid applying too much pressure, this accent chair should fit perfectly into your study for years to come. If you want something subtle and unassuming, it might be best to look elsewhere on our list.



3. Leisuremod Modern Asbury Dining Chair With Chromed Legs

Leisure Mod specializes in the direct import and manufacture of quality home and office furnishings. Like with the Life HOME product mentioned earlier, the Asbury dining chairs come in sets of two. With each pair costing, just 98 dollars, this chair happens to be the cheapest on our list.   This low price does not mean you must sacrifice variety. In fact, customers can choose from eight different color options: black, blue, mint, green, red, taupe, white, and orange.   In addition to having the lowest cost and most variety on this list, the Asbury chairs also happen to have the highest average review. When the twenty-three scores are averaged out, these woodsy pieces garner an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Leisuremod Modern Asbury Dining Chair With Chromed Legs - Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars

Let’s put it simply: people love these chairs. Ninety-six percent of all customers gave these chairs a rating above four stars. In fact, finding anything but a positive review was next to impossible. Out of the handful of negative comments I found, all complaints seem to focus on the poorly secured screws holding legs to seat. These must be corrected via the use of included felt pads and low to moderate use of the chairs. The masses typically applauded these pieces for their beauty, easy-to-clean exterior, easy assembly, and surprisingly comfy seating. This furniture set proves that purchasing a cheap accent chair under 100 dollars does not mean sacrificing quality, styling, or comfort. If you want something with a woodsy feel, or a new place to sit on the patio, a pair of these LeisureMod chairs should do the trick.



Three Accent Chairs Under $200

1. Vivon Comfort Foam Contemporary Accent Furniture Chair

Specializing in nap-ready mattresses, Zinus dedicates themselves to helping people discover better sleep and better comfort. Utilizing the same foam as most of their sleeping products, known as Vivon foam, this chair aims to mimic the company’s award winning mattresses. These unique bean-bag like chairs come packaged individually at 119 dollars with an easy to wash cover. In terms of colors, this Vivon foam product offers black, charcoal, blue, and vibrant red.  After 123 customer reviews, this chair earns the second lowest rating on our list with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Vivon Comfort Foam Contemporary Accent Furniture Chair - Three Accent Chairs Under $200

If you’re under six-foot-tall, this chair seems to win all the possible accolades, Customers commonly rally around its portability, comfortable seat, and its use during game time. Those over six-foot-tall do not seem at all pleased with this chair; their legs end up hanging off the edge, uncomfortably bent, or forced to straddle the thick foam seat. Customers with poor impressions also dislike the chair’s instability, baggy and poorly fitted cover, and stain attracting surfaces. Dog hair and cat hair cling to it like a baby sloth to its mother. If you’re of average height, and ready a log night of gaming, this chair might work for you.  You just need to keep in mind its lower than average profile. If you need something more classical, or cannot live without arm rests, you might be better off going with one of the cheaper accent chairs under 100 dollars.



2. Vivon Comfort Foam Lounging Accent Chair

Just like its less contemporary cousin above, this product is brought to you by the king of mattresses: Zinus.  Manufactured out of the same plush foam, and covered in the same microfiber fabric, this chair has two significant differences from the one above: its price point and its styling. At 183.56, this lounge chair happens to be the most expensive accent chairs under 200 dollars. It also possesses a unique slope-styling not seen in its counterpart above. In addition, while the prior item possesses four colors, this one only comes in three: black, blue, and hunter’s orange. This chair received 76 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Vivon Comfort Foam Lounging Accent Chair - Three Accent Chairs Under $200

With 95 percent of reviews over 4 stars, the clear majority of customers appreciate the unique footprint and styling of this lounger. Happy purchasers applauded its comfort, quality assembly, and stain resistant bottom canvas. For the five percent who walked away with a nasty taste in their mouth, they cited the chair’s awkward posturing, floor-scratching zippers, and woefully oversized covers. If you’re fine with a baggy slip cover, and want something unique for a game room, this lounge chair just might be your perfect choice.



3. Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Accent Chair

If you want something more classic and a bit pricier than our cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars, this Coaster Home product might be perfect.  Coaster Home Furnishings has been producing innovative and trend-setting furniture for well over two decades; it’s certainly not their first upholstery rodeo. This chair brings together French laundry and cottage style design traits to create an inviting, high-end and classic look. Classic cabriole legs support a sturdy and elegant back covered in faux leather. Customers can choose from six different colors: black, checkered black and white, light brown, white, yellow green, and medium brown. This chair, costing 164.10, happens to be the second most expensive item on our list. With the lowest overall rating, just 3.8 out of 5 stars, the 148 customer reviews might imply that this chair is not worth the cost.

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Accent Chair - Three Accent Chairs Under $200

Just 47 percent of customers thought this chair worthy of a five-star rating. The few customers that approved of this chair praised it for its resemblance to higher-priced chairs, perfect tufts, high-end look, sturdiness, and overall comfort level. For the twenty percent of consumers rating the chair at two stars or under, complaints vary widely. Most commonly, the dissatisfied cite poor construction, an impossible to contact manufacturer, mixed-up shipments, and its short stubby legs. Unless you want to play roulette with your next living room piece, like many customers claimed, it might be best to avoid this Coaster Home product. For similar styling, and a higher rating, it might be a good idea to return to our cheaper batch of chairs.



How to Pick the Accent Chair That’s Right for You

If the unique Vivon lounger or the woodsy Asbury dining chairs do not fit your needs, you have 14.5 thousand other results to choose from.  With an ocean, full of choices, it can be tough to make the right selection. Narrowing down your choices should be done smartly, consistently, and efficiently. Please consider the following items when selecting your perfect accent chair:

  • PRICE: Do you want an accent chair under 200 dollars? Can you stretch your budget to 500? Would you prefer something priced even lower than our cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars? Regardless of your price range, there’s a chair that fits within it. You can use online coupon codes, look up manufacturer’s coupons, and browse various online shops to find the most cost effective option for you.
  • STYLING: Whether you want something classical or something more modern, your personal style should play a large part in determining your purchase. If you want a plush arm chair, something like the Asbury dining chair doesn’t fit the bill. Shop around to find the piece that best fits your aesthetics, your style, and your intended use. Different stores cater to different preferences.
  • VARIETY: Some accent chairs come in 12 colors while others only offer one standard pattern. If you like consistency in your home, or need a certain shade of white, you need to consider a brand with a larger amount of options. In many cases, satisfaction is the result of choice and personalization.
  • FABRIC: Do you want something soft? Do you need something you can easily clean? Is microfiber up your alley? Whether you’re a vegan who detests leather, or someone obsessed with the feel of cotton, fabric choices can make a world of difference in how you use your new chair. Stain resistant items, with easy-to-wash components, might fit perfectly into family homes. Meanwhile, if you love the smell of leather and lack pets, you might be able to splurge on something higher-end.
  • HEIGHT: A common chair complaint revolves around the chair’s height from the ground. Before spending hundreds on a new accent chair, you need to make certain you can sit in it comfortably. Please take a moment to measure the seat’s distance from the ground before you hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your taller family members will appreciate it.
Best Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100. Accent Chairs Under $200 Reviews
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If you keep the above traits in mind, you should be able to find an accent chair that perfectly suits you and your family. Just make certain to take a seat and ponder your choices first.



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