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Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids Reviews. Best Kids Bunk Beds Under $200

How to choose a cheap bunk beds for kids? Did you know that bunk beds could date all the way to the Ancient Egyptians? As a lover of these space savers, I can. Being perched on the top half of a bunk bed lets you imagine yourself as king of a very small. When I was young, sleeping in a room covered floor-to-ceiling in the wood paneling, I shared one of a bunk bed with my mother. I remembered hours spent, tiny legs shoved through guard rails, peering down upon my domain of just eight feet by ten. Being lifted above the dangers of the world, protected by solid steel, made me feel safe and protected. This experience let me grow close to my mother and helped teach me a few things about sharing spaces. While I eventually grew tired of my mother’s earth-shaking snoring, I still remember my first bunk bed fondly.

If you need to save space, or just want to teach your children a lesson about sharing, you might be well-advised to look at our list of cheap bunk beds for kids. Please be aware that none of these products include mattresses, bed spreads, or pillows.

Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids under $200

Cheap Bunk Beds Criteria

We promise no darts were tossed during the selection process. All these products fit pre-determined selection criteria that help makes  these cheap bunk beds for kids accessible for a wider audience. First and foremost, because we want you happy with your purchase, we only selected products with an average customer rating higher than four out of five stars. In addition, to make certain these scores represent the opinions of a large market, we required each kid’s cheap bunk bed to have over 300 customer reviews. Lastly, to keep your wallet full, none of these products cost more than 300 dollars.

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