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Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100. Accent Chairs Under 200 Dollars Reviews

Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 & 200 dollars | One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s never been more true than when I pulled an antique chair out of a convalescent home’s junk pile. The heap of discarded furniture, soiled sheets, and broken door frames looked like a home supply store’s graveyard; I could practically hear the vultures of bargain shopping circling above my head. Sitting atop of the mountain of trash, as regal as a king’s throne, was what remained of a ten-piece dining set: a single Victorian chair. Tiny copper spires topped a throne-like back leather pad and served to highlight the elegant shape of each lion’s foot tipped leg. A plush worn cushion protected errant bums from the sanded splinters below.

Best Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100. Accent Chairs Under $200 Reviews

Being only ten at the time, and unexperienced in antiques, the chair was unlike anything I had seen before. It was elegant. It was old. It was going to be all mine. Working with my mother, a nurse’s aide at the home, we managed to squeeze the orphaned chair into the back seat of our Geo Metro. All the hard work paid off.  I spent many nights in that chair with a dog-eared paperback in my lap and a cat curled up beside me. Inside the confines of that chair, no matter how humble our home, I felt like a queen. Or, at the very least, a countess. While the chair has moved on to greener pastures, our local thrift store, I remember it fondly. That brings my story to a close and me to the topic of this article: chairs.

Accent chairs can be used to lend a pop of color or a sense of personal style to any room.  Gamers can toss one in their bedroom for enhanced playtime. A bibliophile might buy a big comfy armchair that will let them lose him or herself in both comfort and literature for hours on end. A new mother could find the perfect rocker to complement her infant’s nursery. A search of ‘accent chair’ on Amazon returns well over 14.5 thousand results. These products range in price from an eye-popping 1,045 dollars down to a measly twelve bucks. With a limitless array of colors, styles, and patterns, anyone can find the perfect accent chair for their home and their budget.  We will take a brief look at six different chairs sold through the Amazon marketplace. The first three will be cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars. The second batch of three will be a slightly more expensive set of accent chairs under 200 dollars.

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Accent Chairs Criteria

We did not select these chairs via cloudy crystal ball and washed-up fortune teller. We put some thought into our selections. We scoured Amazon to bring you six items that met our criteria on the following: review rating, number of reviews, price, and color options. First off, every accent chair on this list comes with at least a 3.5-star rating; this ensures that most customers who purchased it were moderately happy with their selection. We would not want to recommend a chair that over half its owners despised. To ensure those reviews reflected a wide variety of opinions, we only selected products with at least 20 reviews.  This means that one or two bad reviews will not spoil the barrel. As may be obvious from the category titles, we only chose chairs individually priced below either 100 or 200 dollars. Lastly, to ensure a bit of variety for our readers, every single item on this list provides at least two distinct color options. Some provide up to eight.

If you find none of these selections fit your taste, and need to know how to pick your own stylish accent chair, just scroll down to our concluding section. We will outline some key characteristics involved in selecting the chair that best fits your lifestyle, your tastes, and your budget.

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