Piñata Cake

Candy is revealed!
The cake BEFORE we cut into it!
My daughter recently had a pool party for her birthday – and my mom suggested a great idea for her cake – a piñata cake!  When I looked online at ideas, there were wonderful cakes made by others…but it seemed so complicated; baking 4 rounds, cutting some of the cake out, piecing the cake together, etc.  So, I decided to simplify it by using a bundt cake pan!  No wasted batter, no piecing together layers of cake…and a perfect little space for the candy to go!
  • Bake your favorite cake mix in the bundt pan – according to the directions.
  • Cool and invert the cake onto a platter.
  • Poor candy into the center of the bundt…we liked using mini m&m’s!
  • Frost the entire cake, but begin frosting over the candy section first – it’s totally possible to make it look like a regular cake if you frost it well!
I didn’t tell my daughter about it, so when we cut into it at the party, it was a fun surprise for everyone!


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