Handprint Family Tree

For a long while now, I have been pondering how to get my kids’ handprints on our walls…besides just the normal peanut butter and jelly ones.  I had been thinking a tree would work…perhaps inspired by all the preschool art we have done.  I googled all sorts of tree images.  You could buy a precut laminate sticker like this one for your wall for large amounts of $$$, or you could just pencil in, brush over and see what happens…

What you need:
wall space
pencil (for sketching outline of tree branches)
different colors of paint
large brush
lots of hands

After sketching and painting the tree with limbs in desired spot, paint each child’s hand with decided color.  Help child make their handprint by asking them to hold their hand flat while you help them press it to the wall at different angles a number of times.  If they allow you, try to press each fingertip and the outline of their hand for more detail.  In attempt to minimize the mess, we did right hands, washed up in the sink, and then left hands.  But there is no right order.

This project was not about perfection, but about making a memory.

I pulled out many cans of bright colored paints from various other projects over the years, and this is what we came up with.  But you could easily buy the small little dollar bottles of acrylic paint at a craft store.  And don’t forget to paint your name down the family tree, and the date you finished this project or even the date your family was established.   My kids each had their own color so we can tell whose prints are whose.  Now they often walk down this hallway and give themselves or whoever else a high-five over the handprint. 🙂
         Whether we are ready or not, our children’s handprints will not fit in the prints we make with them today for very long.  My hope for my babies is that they will continue leaving their growing handprints of love and compassion wherever their journey may take them.  And that is the dramatic and sentimental encouragement from one parent to another to make art of our babies’ handprints today so we can show them how far they have come tomorrow.



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