Tired of Sippy Cups?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited to say “good-bye” to sippy cups!  Sure, sure, they are awesome because they help avoid many-a-spills, but after over 7 years and 4 kids using them, I still have challenges with these things – falling out of the kitchen cabinet, losing the inserts, finding one under a carseat with fermented juice because who knows how long it was under there!  We host a lot of play dates and therefor need many extra sippy cups, which I am happy to do!  But I am welcoming the day that all four of my kids use regular cups with lids (or even better, no lids!) at each meal.

Last fall, I decided to invest (because the price of these puppies is an investment with four kids) in Tervis tumbler cups.  I paid $20 per kid, to have a cup made with their name (first and middle) and purchased matching lids.  Tervis Tumblers are pretty awesome.  Firstly, these cups I got the kids have wavey sides…which means their little slippery hands are less likely to drop them.  Also, the lids have a spot for a straw, and can be closed to avoid spillage (but not a tight seal like sippy cups).  They can hold hot or cold drinks…perfect for hot cocoa or smoothies.  AND, the best part, they have lifetime guarantee – Tervis will replace any cup for any damage or ware and tare.  Keep in mind, unless you live in Sarasota, Florida where the warehouse is, you have to ship it to them, but still, in my mind, it is worth it.

My FAVORITE part, is each kid (usually) uses their cup all day, for all meals and then we wash it at night.  Less dishes, no losing or mistaking a cup, and they can put it in the fridge and no one will mix up whose is whose!  That is a HUGE perk in a house with more than one child.   They have a MASSIVE selection of choices…everything from sports teams to  Disney characters.  Check out their website at: www.Tervis.com

So, there’s my enthusiastic recommendation to anyone nearing the end of sippy-cup usage and wondering what would be good for the next step.



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