Girls’ Shared Bedroom: Flower Theme

This summer we transitioned our girls, now 4 and almost 3, from their toddler beds to twin beds.  We found a sweet deal on craigslist for some bunks, (here’s what they looked like when we got them):

…and after a new paint job, we liked that they look good unbunked too.  For now this is how we will keep them.

I have gotten so many kids’ room ideas from just being at other friends’ houses, so my purpose in sharing what we have done here is to share inspiration to make our kids’ rooms fun and unique to our unique kids! Also check the best bunk beds for kids!

After we painted the beds, I found cute bedding my oldest daughter and I liked in pink.

The problem was that my 2 1/2-year-old kept reminding me she likes PURPLE.  At first I tried ignoring her.  But then I decided she should probably have a say this was HER room too! So I began to enjoy the process of making pink and purple work together…

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The bedding is Pottery Barn Kids Daisy Garden quilts in pink and purple.  These do occasionally show up used on ebay and craigslist for better deals.  What can I say…I am a sucker for cute quilts.  I should probably learn how to make them myself someday.

This happens to be the same pattern I used for their crib bedding.  I cut the long ends off one of their old crib skits to make valances for the window…
…and the closet.
I really like having curtains to close up our closet instead of the unkidfriendly sliding wooden doors that often fell off their tracks!

Next we put up more clothespin art display boards as we have shown before….

My girls LOVE hanging up their artwork, cards from family, or anything they think is special.  The big clothespins, the wooden letters and flower and butterfly wooden decals can be found at any Joann’s Craft store.  I found links for the clothespins and big letters here, and here.  The paint colors I used were called “Hibiscus” in the Ace Hardware brand paint for the dark pink wall, then “Blushing Bride” and “Woodland Hills Green” from Benjamin Moore for my pink and green striped wall.  I’ll have to get back on the purple because I mixed it myself.

My favorite part of their room is possibly the tea party station.


But they also like their dollhouse and baby doll corner…

where they have a bed for every baby.

This mirror came from my grandparents’ house, and makes an elaborate place to see our reflections.

It was a dusty gold, but I taped up the mirror and spray-painted the frame in white for a more girlie-antique look.

I learned how to paint vertical stripes with straight edges from a Family Handyman article…painter’s tape sealed by pressing a tennis ball on each edge length!  And it works on textured walls too…that’s what we have! For our green striped wall, we used the “Woodland Hills Green”, “Blushing Bride” plain white from other paint jobs, purple again, as well as the blue of “Neah Bay” from Ace Hardware brand.   My girls and I are pleased with how our mirror and stripes turned out.


Mostly I am pleased that they seem to enjoy their space designed just for them as they play in their room together.



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