Family Tree of Thanks

Some of you friends may remember this from last year, and the Family Tree of Thanks is out again!

November has already begun, so my mind is now on Thanksgiving! The kids and I were talking about what we are thankful for and I thought it would be fun to display those “thanks” for the month. I honestly thought of this idea on my own and then happened to see something similar on the Disney “Family Fun” website – that one is great too but we used different supplies and will be adding our “thanks” every day. Have fun and make whatever you’d like of it! We have decided to have ours displayed on our dining room table all month.

  • Autumn colored card stock paper (enough for 24 leaves)
  • 24 safety pins
  • Branches from the yard, with plenty of little spots for the leaves to hang
  • A large vase, strong enough to hold the branches
  • Draw and cut out several leaves (same kind or different, whatever you choose). I made a couple of template leaves so the kids could trace them. Cut the leaves out – depending on the ages, you might be doing all of the cutting. We made 24 leaves so that we could have one for every day before Thanksgiving. A note on paper: craft stores like Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics, have packets of “scrap”, multicolored, card stock that come in very handy for projects like these.
  • Poke a safety pin at the stem of each leaf (also an adult’s job)
  • Collect a branch or two from outside that would fit your table or shelf (make sure there are plenty of little branches to hang the leaves from)
  • Find a solid vase to set the branches in.
  • Each day, write down something that the kids are thankful for. OR you could ask each of your children what they are thankful for and make a list…each day, write one of those things down and take turns so each child is contributing (write their name on the back of that leaf).
Sidenote: to skip the cardstock paper, you could print leaf printables from this site:  Our kids enjoy choosing which leaf they want to color on and draw something they are thankful for each day. 


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